We believe that combining our industry experience, commitment, and impactful decisions can make a better world.


Our team's unique blend of skills is the cornerstone of our innovative approach. With members entering the digital industry in 2000, merging design, development and healthcare skills. This expertise was crucial in creating accessible digital experiences and developing early machine learning tools for leaders in technology. Traversing Tornoto, Melbourne and Sydney.

Our team members' work includes developing programs to improve health checks for children, improving emergency services and contributing significantly to public service during the COVID-19 pandemic. With research experience ranging fast-moving consumer goods, journalism, mental health, logistics and fintech further exemplifying our ability to create comprehensive customer experience strategies.

Together, our team's varied expertise and experiences drive our commitment to innovative solutions and meaningful digital transformations.


Dort Studio is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, intersex status, gender identity, as well as gender expression, parental status, marital status, neurodiversity, or physical appearance.

We're united by Dort Studio's values, and we celebrate our unique differences. We believe that articulating our values and accountabilities to one another reinforces that respect and provides us with clear pathways to correct our culture should it ever stray. We commit to enforcing and developing this code as our team grows.

Dort Studio donates over 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes via 1% for the Planet.

We're a carbon positive organisation and we have been certified by Trace.


Dort Studio's success is not solely measured in financial gains but also in the positive impact it has on society and the environment.

We are committing to a higher standard of accountability in our company's decisions through leadership changes or capital raises.

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Dort Studio Pty Ltd is 100% owned by Paul Casey and is the sole Director.

Monica Lee plays a pivotal role in steering our organisation towards success as a member of the Advisory Board of Dort Studio.

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